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Time System Software

Software Version : 5.1.1                                                       Release Date:2016-04-28
please read the manual in the package before you using the system. this software is based on .net framework 4.0, support EK series device and ET series device.

    Time Clock: Time Attendance Software for Time tracking system New

    Software Version : 4.2                                                        Release Date:2014-07-03
    this Version Software can be used for ET all the series, and BT04,BT-E4, FA003V, Mini03F-T, also can be used for Face Time Attendance ET-F300 New Features:
    1. Add Flexible Shift IN OUT function, 2. Add Employee Shift Scheme Flexible Shift Assign, 3. Add Software and Hardware Register Auomatically.

      Time Clock: Time Attendance Software for Time tracking system New

      Software Version : 4.3                                                        Release Date:2015-02-11
      New features please check AdditionalFunctionManual.doc, how to update, please check HowtoUpdate.txt:
      it give another type report ,and give more flexible access database, no need install,copy and run

        Guard Patrol Software 5.0

        Version: 5.0                                                                   Release Date:2015-10-23

        suitable for Guard Patrol Device exclude GPRS model, for example GPS300, GPS0025 etc, support WIN7, WIN8 OS.

          Guard Patrol main product catalog

          GPRS Guard Potrol
          LCD Color Screen Guard Patrol
          Stainless Steel Patrol Stick
          Wireless Guard Patrol Stick
          Wireless Data Downloader
          Patrol Checker and ID Card

            Time Attendance main product catalog

            Fingerprint time attendance
            • Quite short recognition time that less than 0.7 second.
            • No need training,easy and convenient to use
            • Support fingerprint/password verification,EM/Mifare card verification optional
            • Display English,other language negotiable
            • Define work shift, work schedule via USB flash drive
            • Output in&out report, log report,daily report, month report excel file via USB flash drive

              Main product catalog

              Time Clock Attendance Machine
              Cloud Hosting Attendance System
              Fingerprint Access Control
              Fingerprint Time Clock With Access Control
              Guard Patrol System      Hotel lock